SERVE your neighbors WITH HOPE COV.

It probably can't be overstated, at Hope Cov. love and service of our neighbor is a top priority. It should go without saying that a church that isn't serving its local community probably isn't following Jesus (or at least not the Jesus of the Bible). Out of the life changing experience and Love we experience from God we should feel called into relationships serving our neighbors. These are just a few of our most regular serving opportunities. 

This list is by no means exhaustive and we encourage you to CLICK HERE TO sign up for our Weekly Update for additional opportunities

  • Homeless shelter (Oct-April)

    On Tuesdays between October and April, Hope hosts a homeless shelter in our building. The shelter is run by an outside group, BEDS Plus who schedules and trains volunteers as well as vets potential clients. The shelter provides a safe, warm, and semi-stable environment and food for individuals who are struggling to get back on their feet. 

    CLICK HERE to sign up or get more information about our shelter

  • Personal Care Pantry

    Our church has developed a Personal Care Pantry partnership with Love, INC of Tinley Park. We collect personal hygiene items that are distributed to clients registered through Love, Inc once a month.  Donations are always welcome! The pantry will be open to pre-screened clients of Love, INC on the THIRD FRIDAY of the month from 4-6p 

    For more information about the Personal Care Pantry contact

  • Meal Teams (May-Sept)

    On the LAST TUESDAY of the Month 5:30-7:30p Hope prepares and serves meals for those in need in partnership with BEDS+, a local organization devoted to equipping and empowering local persons struggling with homelessness through faith communities. 


  • Work teams

    One of the newest things ways we serve is by

Serve hope cov. 

We also serve one another at Hope Cov. Whether it's by helping to clean the building, working with kids, making treats for Cafe, becoming a greeter, serving communion, or delivering a meal to one of our families in need, we show our love each other in tangible ways. We know not all churches are run by their congregations but we are intentionally so. Everyone at Hope has job because we don't just go to church, we are the Church. 

Want to know more about this? Check out our Ministry Teams HERE