Immerse is here!

We are engaging in a church-wide, intergenerational Bible Reading Experience called Immerse. This program will see us read through the entire New Testament of the Bible (the story of Jesus) in just eight weeks with the goal being to fully immerse into the words like we would a great book we can't put down; to place yourself into the story of God so you can meet the characters, feel their world, and hear the words that spawned the largest socio-political-religious movement in human history.

What is Immerse? 

Basically Immerse is a new way to do what the Church has always been called to do: Read the Bible. It reformats the text, provides context resources, and is built to be utilized on a fully integrative platform. Most churches relegate the reading of scripture to an auxiliary individual practice, Immerse makes it the center of everything at a church. Worship Service, Family Life, Children's Christian Formation, Small Groups, and your everyday life all center around the word of God during the eight-week reading plan. It truly is intended to IMMERSE you in the story of the Bible.

What Makes Immerse Different?

First off the Immerse Bible doesn't look quite like other Bibles. Many people don't know this but the Bible didn't originally look like the Bibles we see today. Bibles today have chapter and verse numbers, added headings, footnotes, and are formatted most often with two columns on each page. This wasn't always how it was! The Bible is a book and is designed to be read. While all those additions might help us study, they make it awfully hard to just READ. The Immerse Bible doesn't have all of those additions so it looks a lot like what you picture any other book to look like. Hope is asking a $10 donation per book and they can be found in the Lobby of the Church

Immerse Small Groups

In addition Hope affirms that Bible reading has never been something people should do alone. As you read through the New Testament, theres a good chance you will want to talk about it. That's why we have Small Groups at Hope. Small Groups are not a place where you will be told what to think or believe about what you are reading; that would defeat the whole point of reading it for yourself! Instead, they present a place to come and discuss. Think of it as a book group rather than a bible study. We have Small Groups that meet Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning according to your availability.

Want to know about Immerse? 

Watch the video below!