Service on the Lawn

June 24th we will be having our normally scheduled 10a Worship Service out on the lawn! Come ready for the same great worship in a fun unique environment. Wear your "Stay Hopeful" apparel if you have it!  

Monthly Dementia support group

At Hope Covenant Church we understand that most people have a person or people in their life who struggle with dementia. Whether it is a parent, grandparent, other family member, or friend we want you to have resources and community as you continue to love and support your loved ones. This being the case, on the second Monday of each month Hope Covenant Church hosts a dementia support group for those who have family or friends who struggle with dementia. The meeting is located in the Church office which is immediately to your right next to the restrooms when you enter through the main doors. All are welcome. 

weekly a. a. meetings

Hope provides a safe place for a weekly AA gathering. There are currently three meetings that meet weekly in our building. Our Monday night meeting begins at 7:00pm  is classified as an "Open" and co-ed meeting meaning anyone and everyone interested in AA or the 12 step program is welcome to attend. Our Tuesday and Wednesday Meetings are both classified as "Closed" meetings indicating that only persons seeking to stop drinking may attend; of these Tuesday begins at 7:00pm is open to both Men and Women and Wednesday begins at 7:30pm is only open to Women. All our meetings are hosted in the Cafe which is to the right as you enter the main doors.

Greif support for parents who lost children

At Hope we believe that the Kingdom of God is coming on earth. Though we have assurance in this hope, we also acknowledge that sometimes the world brings us devastating loss. One of the most devastating of these is the loss of a child. Whether your child was 50 years old when you lost them or you or your partner experienced a miscarriage, we believe the church ought to be a place where healing is sought and hope for the future is offered. We offer a support group twice a month on the Second and Fourth Tuesday beginning at 6:30p in our sanctuary (immediately to the left when entering the main doors). All who have experienced the loss of a child, regardless of the circumstances of that loss, are welcome. If individual pastoral support is desired, Pastor Jon is available to all for counseling. Email him for availability.


Worship Service Begins at 10:00 a.m.

Worship Schedule, join us for worship @10:00 am

                 Cafe following Worship @aprox. 11:15 am