What are Ministry teams?

So what does each team do?

  • Hospitality

    We are called as Christians to practice Hospitality  and welcome visitors as best as we can. We value visitors so much actually we have an entire team dedicated to welcoming them and making sure they feel like Hope is their home; whether it is their first or their 101st Sunday. (Acts 15:4)

  • Caregiving

    Once you make a commitment to Hope, we make a commitment to you to walk with you and care for you as long as this is your home church. Sick? Caregiving will bring you a meal. Need prayer? Caregiving will be there. Shut in? You're still part of Hope and Caregiving will make sure you know that to be true. (Jam. 5:14) 

  • Compassion

    It should go without saying that churches should practice compassion. For us at Hope this is a non negotiable element in being the body of Christ. We believe everyone in our church is called to care for the "Least of these" but our Compassion team organizes it all. (Matt. 25:45) Find out more about our Compassion Ministries HERE!

  • Children

    We want a team devoted to our kids because we believe they are our greatest asset and responsibility. We learn from and with our kids at Hope and we put committed, gifted, and vetted volunteers in their lives to encourage and support their spiritual development from birth to adulthood. (Matt. 19:14) 

  • Arts and communications

    We live in a digital age, an information age. We believe the message of Jesus and the wisdom of scripture is not only still applicable but needed more than ever. Our Arts and Communications Team is leveraging technology to share the message of Jesus on Sunday morning and to the ends of the earth (Matt 28:19) 

  • Facilities

    Reality of life: somebody has to take care of the building. Our goal with facilities is to take what is a burden to most churches: a building, and turn it into a ministry asset for accomplishing out mission and seeing our vision for the Kingdom of God come into clearer focus. (Acts 4:34)

  • Finance

    Jesus talks about money A LOT. Actually, if you count, he uses money as an illustration or speaks directly about it more than any other subject! That means that we have to respect and guard ourselves when dealing with Money. It would be easy just to 'wing it' but we care because we know we are managing God's accounts. (Luke 16:9)