Join our Facebook team

So why join our team? Here are two GREAT reasons:

  • To receive great encouraging ministry content via our Facebook Page
  • To help us spread the message of Jesus to the Orland Park community during your normal routines for  for almost no effort

How can you help? Follow the steps below to make sure you are receiving notifications and then just interact with our content. It's SO simple but engagement can trigger Facebook to boost our content's reach. To give you an example: one post we published a few weeks back was liked and shared by six people (JUST SIX) and it reached over a thousand people in the Orland Park area. Imagine what God could do with our content if it was reaching over a thousand people more than once a week.

Step 1: Like the page

If you haven't yet; the first step is to like our page. This allows you to get the information when we post content and enables you to help us share it with the world! Click this Facebook Link and hit the "Like" button

Step 2: follow the page

Step 2 is to make sure you are following our page. It is possible to "Like" a page on Facebook without receiving the content they post (this is a good tip if you have a family member who posts a lot of non-sense but you still want to keep them as a "friend") Make sure the tab next to "Like" says "Following" 

Step 3: notifications and see first on news feed

OK so you've "Liked" and you've made sure you are following. Now you want to make sure you are notified when Hope posts something so you can go check it out and  "Like", "Share", and "Comment" on it. Hover your cursor over "Following" to see the drop down options select "Notifications On" and "See First" 

Final Step: make sure to 'like', 'comment', and 'share'!

Now make sure to 'Like', 'Comment', and/or 'Share' when you see content that speaks to you or that your are excited about. The quicker a post receives Likes, Comments, and Shares the more people Facebook will show it to so when something is posted, ACT QUICK!  Remember, a little engagement goes a long way in spreading the Gospel to our surrounding area. A few seconds of your time a couple times a week might mean the difference between someone seeing a post and beginning a life transforming relationship with Christ. Support Hope on Facebook and let's see what God will do!

That's IT! Welcome to the team!

That's it for set up! Feel like maybe you didn't do it correctly? That OK! Come find Pastor Jon any time with your device and he can set it up for you in less than 30 seconds (and if it takes him longer he owes you a cup of Starbucks Coffee!) Click THIS LINK to see our Facebook Page and start engaging with content.